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Custom Vinyl Cans Made Daily

Since 2017, David Richland has been designing custom vinyl patterns on up-cycled cans. Handmade with love and sold on the streets of Portland, Oregon. You can now order cans here and have them shipped directly to you.


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Custom Designs

Vinyl design elements are created and then assembled in custom patterns on a variety of up-cycled cans. Choose the design and can that fits your needs.



“I was at New Seasons last weekend and stopped dead in my tracks at an artist selling incredible artwork, the neon geometric shapes on tuna cans, etc. I DIED. I bought three (one here pictured in my office) and quickly learned this is David, the artist at your space, who spoke so movingly about your help and generosity. He is extraordinarily talented. I'm hoping to work with him on another project. You are right. Something magical is going on here (not that I doubted! But how fortunate I was to see it with my own eyes)

— M. Zepeda

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About the Maker

David Richland has been applying his vinyl designs to up-cycled cans for the past 6 months. David graduated from PSU’s graphic design program back in 2000, has had a number of different careers along the way and is now back to applying his creative talents to a business he hopes will support him. He recently joined the ADX Scholarship Program to help him take his business to the next level.